Babies start questioning and learning about the things around them from 6 months. During this phase, toddlers begin learning, where they try to imitate their parents’ actions. They also try to interact, talk and are curious all the time. Overall, they are going through cognitive and motor skill development. 

Thus, we provide development activities for babies to provide them with a holistic approach that would enhance your child’s growth. These development-boosting activities are fun and encourage your baby to connect with their surroundings. These activities also help in brain development when the child is in its growing phase. The age of 6 years+ is a vital phase that requires proper attention so toddlers can understand touch, love and other sensations. 

Usually, toddlers start to babble and some may even have the nature of crawling and explore their environment around them. So, it becomes mandatory to help your child go through a steady motor, brain, and overall physical development process by enrolling at the best activity center.

What are the best development activities for babies?

Let’s learn about the development activities that you must try to help accelerate the growing phase of your toddler.  

1. Read books to your baby

Kids are attracted to vibrant colors, and colorful story books with many pictures and is the perfect start to enhance your child’s cognitive skills. This is one of the most recommended activities for toddlers. You can show the book to your baby and read it slowly. Try to add gestures and emotions to display or enact the book’s storyline. It can become an interactive session, which would help them to understand the language of the book, and they can grasp it easily. This process also helps in speech development. Additionally, reading books also helps in sensory development, and a baby can also develop cognition through the pictures in the book.

2. Try to talk and listen to your baby 

When your baby is just learning to speak, their first words might seem like babbling or cooing. This is quite an interesting phase for both the baby and the parent. You would be thrilled to know that they learn to speak early if you talk and listen to your baby. This helps the kids to also  learn how to respond to their surrounding environment. Talking to your baby about everything around them, even when you are feeding them is also very important . These activities for toddlers will help in the baby’s listening and language skill development.

3. Role play games

Babies mostly learn through imitating elders, which is quite adorable, so you can start by teaching the basics skills through activities, such as waving, encouraging movements, etc. Encourage them to imitate you, which would help the baby to understand how the game works. These fun activities for toddlers develop memory retention power, enhance visual attention power, and boost motor skills.

4. Blow bubbles 

Babies get quite excited when they see shiny objects, and if they find sparkling bubbles floating around them, they would definitely get excited. This is a fun and entertaining development activity where the baby tries to follow the bubbles until they burst out. To add visual concentration and focus, you can practice this activity daily. Further, these development activities for babies also boost sensory development and act as a catalyst for developing a curious mind.

5. Testing out textures

By 6 months of age, your baby starts to explore or crawl. They lay their hands on different objects and textures. As a fun activity, you can point to each texture (one at a time) and ask them how they perceive or feel when they touch it. These activities for toddlers help to enhance their touch and feel sensations about the objects around them.


At Rainbow Valley Nursery, we believe that the growing stages of a child need proper monitoring and should be supported with development activities. We strive to guide the child to develop cognitive skills, stimulation, coordination and tactile sensation. Rainbow Valley Nursery provides the best toddler activities and development programs to create a spark of creativity and ensure the overall well-being of the child


What activities can I do with my baby?

You must indulge in fun toddler activities in order to enhance your baby’s development. These help them express themselves better, boost their mental and physical growth, and quickly learn simple things. Try out baby mirror games, puppet play, baby massage, tummy time, test out textures with jelly, sing and dance together and most importantly, listen to your baby.

What age can babies use the activity center?

When your baby is ready to stand, walk and mumble a few words, you must consider enrolling the child at a reputed activity center. 8 months to 12 months old, babies can use the activity center. You must also ensure that the baby is in a safe area before enrolling them in any activity center.

What are some of the indoor activities recommended for toddlers?

Try out fun, creative toddler activities like painting bread with edible paints, animal tape rescue, cardboard box coloring, flashcard envelopes, making rainbow rice, creating a reading spot, cleaning up the toys, snow painting, grocery list making, creating a Jell-O treasure hunt, building sensory bag, roll and hop, shape games, indoor dance part and more.