Young children of the best nursery in Dubai are taught with a perfect blend of various child-directed experiences and child-centered methodologies, which helps to develop lifelong love for learning in little children. Rainbow Valley Nursery maintains high early childhood education standards that ensure children learn and develop well in a healthy and caring environment.

Children at Rainbow Valley Nursery – one of the best nursery in Dubai – explore, create, and discover as they develop knowledge and acquire the confidence needed to become global citizens. It’s our belief that young children learn best through interactive experiences, that is why, our curriculum, pedagogy, and teaching tools use the best practice and techniques which have been designed to develop relevant language comprehension, scientific concepts, and analytical & logical skills, while making sure that the children are enjoying themselves thoroughly.

We, at Rainbow Valley Nursery, offer a loving and caring environment for children’s physical, spiritual, analytical and moral development. Children are also offered the freedom of choice in creating their own path to discovery and knowledge.
All teachers at our nursery in Dubai love working and enjoying with children, and are thorough professionals in their fields. With the help of thoughtful inspiration, encouragement, and guidance from our teachers, children learn new skills in a playful way.Rainbow Valley Nursery is one of the best nursery in Dubai for it is an extraordinary place for young children to learn and grow.


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