Facilities at Best Pre Schools in Dubai

Rainbow Valley Nursery offer indoor & outdoor learning and security facilities.

Indoor Learning Areas

All our classrooms are colourful and creative, with stimulating equipment and materials. Children move regularly from one area to another during the course of the nursery day thus exploring and enjoying a variety of learning opportunities. Being the best Pre Schools in JLT Dubai we offer a soft and responsive environment, bright coloured interiors and creative opportunities for cognitive and mental development.

Our Indoor Facilities include

Outdoor Learning Areas

Our outdoor learning facilities add a perfect direction for children to channel their energy. All the activities are designed to meet the exploratory and creative nature of the child. Rainbow Valley Nursery is the best Pre school in JLT Dubai as we offer facilities to communicate with other peers and enhance their social and communicative skills. We provide opportunities for enriched learning and play environment

Our outdoor facilities include

Safety and Security

Child safety and security are very important to us. The nursery premises are completely secure and fitted with CCTV cameras and safety doors so that you can be sure that your child is safe and attended to at all times. You can trust us, the best Pre Schools in Dubai, where we take complete responsibility for the child’s safety and security. The child is under continuous surveillance.


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